The drone flies autonomously above, between or under the crops. Due to the very small size of the drone, 75cm of space is enough. The user defines the flight plan on the laptop or mobile and the drone follows it fully automatically. Cameras on the drone recognise the environment and the drone does not need a GPS signal. This makes automatic and safe flying in greenhouses possible.

Sensors and cameras 

The drone is suitable for the use of various cameras such as RGB, multi-spectral and IR. After the drone flight, the crop images (photos or film) are uploaded and data processing takes place by intelligence software. The advantages:

  • The drone flies automatically and can be operated by anyone.
  • The drone is very light and causes little turbulence.
  • The drone is a universal carrier for different cameras.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the collective name for (software) applications that can perform complex tasks without the need for the human brain. This clever software is also becoming increasingly popular in horticulture. The AI software recognises the raw data from the drone and converts this recognition into usable numbers. Every crop looks different, and the AI software is trained for that specific crop.

Free data-sets for AI-developers

Help increase the availability of crop information and accelerate innovation. We make free crop datasets (raw image data) available and invite AI-developers to use them. We are happy to support successful ideas and applications. Please send us your dataset request or click here if you have a question.