Fully automated drone

for crop monitoring in greenhouses

Measure, learn, improve,
grow and earn more.

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Corvus Drones is specialized in crop monitoring and scouting by a fully automated drone. Plan the flight route in the greenhouse and the drone scouts and monitors automatically the crops. The drone is a multi-sensor and -camera carrier and because of this universal for data-collection. By partnering with Artificial Intelligence companies’ solid solutions are available for seed germination, crop development, plant stress and disease&pest detection.


Our dream

Our dream is that our drones digitalize every individual plant in every greenhouse, all over the world. More and better information about crop growth supports more sustainable production.


Crop monitoring and scouting

The crop monitoring or scouting options are for three growth stadia: seedling, growing crop and ready-to-harvest crop. Data-collection is more accurate and consistent than any human eye. Reports are easily accessible, and the results are per location, per batch and even per tray. The advantages are:

  • Better crop data and information
  • Higher yield
  • Time saving
  • Less dependent of human labour
  • Uniform batches delivered to customer


The applications are available for breeders, young plant producers and growers of vegetables, ornamentals, cutflowers and soft fruit.




The drone is autonomous, flies fully automated and collects data during the flight. Unique is the indoor flight navigation software without using GPS signals. Sensor or camera options are RGB, multispectral or for example IR. One push on the start button of the flight controller and the drone starts his tasks. Artificial Intelligence software transforms the raw data into smart information. The advantages are:

  • Supper light weight drone
  • Low turbulence on the crop
  • Fully automated and easily to handle
  • Accessible and understandable reporting

Our team

In 2017 Corvus Drones is founded by Gerhold ten Voorde and in 2020 Frans-Peter Dechering joined as co-founder. About 8 developers complete the team. Corvus Drones is part of the startup accelerator program Startlife, which is linked to Wageningen University in The Netherlands.


What's on your mind?

Let us know your thoughts about crop monitoring and scouting. We welcome your mail or message via the webform.