Fully automated greenhouse drone

Measure, learn, improve, grow and earn more.

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Corvus Drones specializes in crop monitoring in greenhouses with a fully automatic flying drone. The drone is suitable for different sensors or cameras and is therefore universal for data collection in many crops. Corvus is working with various developers on applications in the field of germination and crop growth. Our motto is: collect data, analyze, improve and earn.

Crop monitoring

Crop monitoring is possible from seedling to harvest or delivery stage. Germination percentage or Leaf Area Index for example are standard reports. The measurements are many times more accurate and consistent than is possible with the human eye. And it saves a lot of time. The reports per tray, batch and/or greenhouse location are clearly presented as table or graph.


With a push of a button in the flight control app, the drone starts up and follows the flight plan in the greenhouse fully automatically. GPS signals are not necessary. The drone is platform for various sensors such as IR sensors, RGB or multispectral cameras. The data is then processed with the Artificial Intelligence software. The report arrives in the user's mailbox.


Press release April 25th 2022

For the further development of the drone and scaling up the marketing activities, Corvus Drones has raised an investment from Navus Ventures, ECG Ventures and Oost NL.


Persbericht 25 april 2022

Voor de verdere ontwikkeling van de drone en het opschalen van de marketingactiviteiten heeft Corvus Drones een investering opgehaald bij Navus Ventures, ECG Ventures en Oost NL.


Photo Corvus Drones team


Photo Corvus Drones founders


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Winner Greentech Amsterdam Innovation Award (September 28th 2021)

The Greentech Amsterdam Innovation Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the horticulture technology domain. The jury was impressed about the technical solution and the business model in which collaboration has a central place.

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Nominated Greentech Innovation Award September 1st 2021

Corvus Drones is one of the 6 nominees of the Greentech Amsterdam Innovation Award. The exhibition takes place from September 28-30 2021 and at the opening day, the winner of the Innovation Award will be announced.


Press release: preferred partnership Corvus - Track32 December 8th 2020

Corvus Drones and Track32 have confirmed their collaboration through a preferred partnership for greenhouse horticulture. Both companies have been working together for some time now, with Corvus Drones focusing on data collection with a fully automatic flying drone. Track32 is a specialist in the field of computer vision and artificial intelligence and makes applications in the field of plant recognition.

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Persbericht: Corvus - Startlife 16 juli 2020

Als startup maakt Corvus onderdeel uit van het Wageningse accelerator programma Startlife. De ondernemers krijgen volop ondersteuning op het gebied van technologie, strategie en bijvoorbeeld financiën.

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Persbericht: Frans-Peter Dechering is co-founder

Het team van Corvus groeit met het aantrekken van nieuwe developers. Ook is Frans-Peter Dechering toegetreden als co-founder.

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